Dwarrows DevLog #4

Resource Gathering

Since Dwarrows is a town-builder, there is of course: resource gathering! Since it is also an adventure/puzzler, there will be more ways than just mining and chopping down trees to acquire these precious commodities.


Essential Resources


The Old-Fashioned

The traditional way to gather resources in town-builders, the way our grand-pappys-done-it, is to chop trees for wood, and mine for stone and gold. This is also the main method of acquiring resources in Dwarrows.



Self-explanatory,players will find resources and sometimes unique or rare items hidden under a pile of rocks, branches, or leaves.


Occasionally, the player may find a treasure chest, which will drop a lot more than the common geocaches.



Finding people is similar in gameplay, but you aren’t searching in bushes or peeking under rocks. Potential townsfolk can be found at camps in the woods, where the player can talk to them and ask them to join the town.


A Different Kind of Resource

Lastly, and a little different, is the essential resource of blueprints! In Dwarrows, to build a structure in town, the player needs the blueprint for it first. Players start off with 4 basic types (Farming, Housing, Market, and Industry), and will expand their library over the course of the game. The player can discover new blueprints by combining two existing blueprints. Eventually after every combination has been tried, this British Monarchy will need new blood. Hidden through dungeons and given as rewards from quests, players will receive new blueprints to combine with what they already have in their repertoire as well as some uniques that will give them a special structure.



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