Dwarrows DevLog #3

Dungeons and Character Swapping

The player will have the ability to swap between 3 characters. In general town-related gameplay, each character will have unique abilities and contributions to the team. Most of the time, it is not necessary that the characters be together to complete a task.

In dungeons, however, the player must control all three characters to complete puzzles and advance.


In the above screenshot, the glowing platform on the floor to the right of the balcony is an elevator. Just in front of the balcony there is a small lever that controls the elevator. If the player tries to pull the switch, run over, and jump on the elevator, they won’t make it in time. The solution is to position one character on the elevator and then have another character pull the switch for them. This is made easy with the character-swapping ability. With a single keystroke the player can instantly take control of any one of three of the playable characters.


Naturally, there may be times that repeating a task in a dungeon would detract from the fun, such as having to walk all three characters through a long hallway or flight of stairs. This is why dungeons are designed with this in mind. Whenever the player completes a task that would be tedious to repeat, there will be a “Friendship Fountain” available nearby that will transport the other two characters to that location. The fountain allows the players to continue in the dungeon with all three characters when they need them without any frustration of having to manually move three characters from room to room.


Game mechanics such as levers, elevators, floor buttons, timed switches, and locked doors are universal puzzles that will be found throughout the world and in every dungeon. Some dungeons will only be accessible/completable if the player has acquired certain equipment as the entrance and puzzles will require use of the equipment for the player to proceed. There are also some puzzle mechanics that are unique and specially made for a dungeon which may only appear once.


Another puzzle element we will see repeated throughout the dungeons is the key-shard collection. Scattered throughout the dungeons are pieces of a key hidden within treasure chests. The chests will be hidden or hard to reach and may require the player to go out of their way or complete a puzzle to reach them.


After all the shards are collected they will form a complete key that will open the door to the final chamber of the dungeon.


Ultimately the goal is to reach the final chamber where the player will find treasure. Depending on the size, difficulty, and importance of the dungeon the loot could simply be gold and common resources or it could be more important like a unique structure for the player’s town or even special equipment for the characters that adds new abilities.


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